dtFlicker for Windows


i’m trying reduce flickering on Windows plateform when resizing windows

if you want test,

demo link: (32bits only)


if the flickering continue on your app, please send me simple example!

The dll is called BobKeeney1.dll

You might want to change that

I tried running it remotely in a VM (don’t have a Windows machine at the moment) but I can’t get the plugin to load.
I tried removing the quarantine attribute by doing xattr -d com.apple.quarantine dtFlicker.xojo_plugin but it still won’t load.

It takes a lot longer for Xojo to start and when I select Plugins in About, the plugin isn’t loaded.
Maybe codesign it?

In general, when controls are placed on a canvas then they flicker in Windows.

A workaround is to create a picture inside the canvas that behaves like the control, like a pushbutton.

It’s still somehow unwilling to load the plugin.
8/9/16 12:53:32.337 PM Xojo[70830]: [RB] Unable to load plugin dtFlicker.xojo_plugin

As I mentioned above, I’m trying to load it on Xojo OSX so I can test it remotely on Windows VM’s.
So Xojo itself isn’t loading the plugin.

7, 8 & 10
But that isn’t the point. First I need to load the plugin in Xojo on OSX.

Ow, ok. :frowning:
Isn’t it possible to somehow make it works so it normally loads in the OSX IDE? Even if it does nothing?
I mean, I develop on OSX and do remote testing on VM’s.

Hi Jean-Paul,

Maybe try and surround the code in your plugin with:

#If TargetWin32 //your code here #EndIf

This should allow the plugin to load on both Windows and OSX and likely allow remote running on Marco’s computer for remote testing. Its just a thought and don’t know if it will work. :slight_smile: