Dropping raw text on a dockitem.

I am trying to create a Mac XOJO application to allow people to drag links from text documents/emails. I already have registered the application as a finder service, and have enabled the ability to drop “items” onto the docked icon by enabling file type of any/???.

Since it is registered as a service, I can send text from documents by cntrl clicking and selecting my application service title (thanks to a mbs plugin & info_plist changes). Likewise I am able to drag folderitems onto the docked icon and have them processed through the opendocument event.

Ideally I would like to have a single method (i.e. dragging onto the dock icon) for either folderitems or raw text. But as far as acceptable file types, is it possible to somehow specify a pasteboard entry as a filetype?

I have read over documents how to allow direct dropping of text on a dock item using other programming languages. And interestingly any text prefixed with “/“ or “//“ does seem to make the opendocument event fire in xojo, but that appears to be the only case. To be honest I am sure if this is because OSX is somehow treating any text prefixed with / as a folderitem, or if xojo considers it a document reference.

Regardless, does anyone know if it’s possible to either drop rawtext on a xojo application or atleast make it appear as it does by having an event fire that would change the icon and read the pasteboard contents. In the case of the latter what event should I use?