I have an application that uses the DropObject even on a window. It works perfectly on Mac. On Windows 8.1, when I go to drag a file over the window (of the app), I get a circle/slash icon at the bottom of the file icon. And when I drop the file on the window, the DropObject is not firing.

I havent tried other versions of Windows or other instances of 8.1.

I am curious if any of you see similar issues.

Did you define the file types you’re allowing in a filetypeset? Even if it’s just special/any.

yes I have self.AcceptFileDrop( “Special/Any” ) in the window’s open event.

Right, and is that also part of a FileTypeSet you added to the project? Windows requires it. Not sure Mac does.

I have this problem with Outlook message files which I have to intermediate drop on the desktop and drag from there. Not elegant but it works and I am led to believe something to do with windows ‘security’.

I know I have a filetype for the files my app creates. dont know if I have another one for the special/any for receive. once I get to my laptop I will check. thanks