DropObject failures

Here’s an odd one. I have a project that uses a sheet window to allow the user to edit an item’s metadata properties. It is set up to accept text file drops and has been working fine for the last 5 releases (around 8 months). I just brought the code back up to modify the license settings for a new plugin feature and now the app won;t accept any drag / drop operations. I’ve placed code into the MouseEnter and DragOver events and nether fires when the mouse moves into and out of the app or when a file is dragged onto the window.

I have vilified that the proper controls still have the AcceptFileDrop(FileTypes.Text) set in the Open events.

Is there something general and global that could block all mouse events aside from the click?

I even took the code backwards to 11r1 and the same thing happens, so it’s not the latest IDE / Framework…

If you vilify something anything can happen :stuck_out_tongue:

@Peter Fargo - True, true.

I’m now even more confused by whatever happened. I changed the build type to Cocoa, built my new code and DnD works as always. Changed back to Carbon (13r3.3) and it continues to work again.

Damn Tribbles, they get into everything.