DropObject Event Handler


Is there any DropObject event handler for web ? or is there any way we could have that functionality on some controls , pages ?

Why ? well I need to drop some text on the page and then the code should parse that text and get the proper data from it. and having 3, 5 buttons to be able to do that is to much for a workflow so we need it to be straight forward, have a region , location, page where we can drop that text and then it gets processed.


I guess not possible for the moment , another missing feature maybe .

It’s getting very trendy to ■■■■ on the limits of Xojo. Are you suggesting that most other development tools have this capability?

A file drop zone would be a cool feature. That’s one of the things that I can see people needing that’s not easy to set up workarounds for. You could make a feature request or reach out to one of the folks who provide custom controls.

Well I’m trying to see ways to use the Web features of xojo but unfortunately all the things I need for it they are not available, so not to start anything here It was just a normal question and seeing that nobody replied I got the feedback that cannot be done as well. As for Drop object, any web page has that with the proper js script can do that so let’s say that I asked for workarounds that should be here in a RAD IDE., now you take it as you want.

Thanks Tim, I saw some js doing that and I’ll have to dig on how that could be implemented in web , unfortunately trying to implement something in web is still a struggle and until it reaches to a mature version to be able to use it as well it’s long way …

If someone has better ideas about this https://www.dropzonejs.com

Looks like a great tool and it even has a jQuery plugin, but there is a note on the page:

Dropzone does not handle your file uploads on the server. You have to implement the code to receive and store the file yourself. See the section Server side implementation for more information.

… which then starts to get tricky in Xojo Web.

yeap I saw that as well, the idea was to drop a string on the page and the code on the page to process the data and add it to the db. very simple in desktop but apparently a headache in web.