Dropbox Download Help Needed!

As we don’t have any servers, I have a deployed inhouse app that has been in use for over a year that downloads an encrypted database automatically once a week from a dropbox public folder. All of a sudden the download has stopped working with a 102 error (dropped connection)…

I’m wondering if any can help me…

I do the download from a modal dialog:

[code]Function Show(URL as String, theFile As FolderItem, theTitle as String) As Boolean

MessageTxt.Text = theTitle
StatusST.Text = “Connecting …”

If URL.InStr(“https://”) > 0 Then
Dim SecureSocket as new HTTPSecureSocket
theSocket = SecureSocket

AddHandler SecureSocket.Connected, AddressOf Connected
AddHandler SecureSocket.DownloadComplete, AddressOf DownloadDone
AddHandler SecureSocket.ReceiveProgress, AddressOf DownloadProgess
AddHandler SecureSocket.Error, AddressOf SocketError

SecureSocket.Get(URL, theFile)

Dim aSocket as new HTTPSocket
AddHandler aSocket.Connected, AddressOf Connected
AddHandler aSocket.DownloadComplete, AddressOf DownloadDone
AddHandler aSocket.ReceiveProgress, AddressOf DownloadProgess
AddHandler aSocket.Error, AddressOf SocketError
theSocket = aSocket

aSocket.Get(URL, theFile)

End if

Return Success
End Function

I checked and the URL has not changed… Anybody have any clue what the issue could be?


  • Karen


Try this:

SecureSocket.ConnectionType = SSLSocket.TLSv1

You may have been bitten by a Poodle…

Bitten by a poodle?

Poodle = SSL vulnerability attack.

[quote=137153:@Jim Cramer]Karen,

Try this:

SecureSocket.ConnectionType = SSLSocket.TLSv1

You may have been bitten by a Poodle…[/quote]

Thanks, that fixes it … Now I have to put up an update of my app!

  • Karen

Hi Karen, I’m watching that you use an Addhandler, for deal with DownloadComplete event as this:

AddHandler SecureSocket.DownloadComplete, AddressOf [b]DownloadDone[/b]

But I realize that your AddHandler points to “DownloadDone” method
I wonder if you wanna share me that method. :D. :D. :smiley: