Dropbox and Xojo projects

Hello all,

Some of you are working with Xojo projects directly placed in a dropbox folder?
There is no risk of corruption?

Thank you!


Yes, I do and not had any problems yet. Been doing it with RB for years.

I have done & all works well if you set your debug destination. I have had problems when doing multiple debug sessions without this as the debug build may not have been committed to the drop box repository & therefore can not be deleted.

It works. Of course it’s a waste of bandwidth as Dropbox will sync your debug apps.

ok, thank you very much to all three!

I’ve gone a bit further and I actually have Xojo itself (and Real Studio before it) in Dropbox. I am too lazy to update it in the machines I use it so I update it once and it propagates.

As for the projects, it’s a smart idea to set the debug location to be a temporary one outside the dropbox folder, otherwise dropbox will be continuously trying to upload debug versions and deleting them when done.