Drop or double click a file to open in my app

Greetings people. Apologies if this question has been covered, but I find myself going around in circles searching the forum when I bet the answer is quite simple.

I’ve successfully created a file type and my app creates a file with the extension and the correct associated icon - that’s all working great. However, the bit I’m struggling with is now enabling the user to drop that file back on the app icon or, even better, double click it and the app handles it… I’ve added the ‘OpenDocument’ method to the app, but it’s not firing, also when I drag the file icon on the app, it’s not highlighting, as if the app doesn’t accept that type of file.

Any help would be appreciated.


mac os or windows?

Sorry Mac - reading more it would appear that my file type isn’t set up correctly after all. Driving me slightly nuts this :o

can’t help you with mac

Anyone? Desperate. Will pay. Contact me directly.

What Version of Xojo?
Which Timezone are you in?

2021r1 and BST.

I believe I PM’d you last night but cant see it today. Please shout if the solution I sent doesnt work, or if it didnt arrive