Drop In Email Client

Has anyone written a drop-in email client completely in XOJO that could be used in other folks code?

Email is a very very complex topic. I’ve got half an email-client (only getting mail) and it’s never complete.

Can you tell us what exactly you want to do?

Yeah. I’ve got one, too and I’m kinda tired of working on it. It would be only to send and have a composition text area that would allow styled text, bcc, cc, attachments, etc. I’ve got the rest going. I guess what I really need is a great textarea with all the buttons and whistles.

I almost have half an email client as well. It seems like sending the email would be the easy part. At least thats my thinking in saving that part for last. Hopefully I am correct in this line of thinking. My trouble is parsing/displaying emails once I get past that I think its smooth sailing afterwards.

I’ll bet. Haven’t tried that one yet, and I don’t think I want to. I’m sending successfully. I’d just like a killer little window (with controls) to write a nice HTML email.

I’ve successfully built an email html editor with ckeditor which I display in an htmlviewer. You can look at it at www.contactking.de. But the implementation wasn’t exactly painless as Xojo’s htmlviewer is still pretty buggy (no keydown event!) and you need to take a good dive into the depths of javascript to make it all happen.

Thanks. I’ll have a look.