Drop Down Combo

I have to present a list to users, is there any way to implement the Drop down (not sure what to call it) like a State Picker?


One way is to just create a view containing an iOS table and present it as a modal (using a couple simple declares). On selection you can return the result to the original button/object/view that called the modal.

That’s how you should to it on an iPhone. For the iPad you need to use a popover with the table I believe.

Hello Jason,

Any idea how to have that popover done ? i`m thinking as well for my picker issues to have like a popover with the right picker and the right data to be shown once the user press into the text field and allow him to select the desired data and save.

Thanks in advance.

i want to do something like this for my iOS for both iPad and iPhone. So what declare do i need to use for the iostable to show as modal?

Any update on this ?

I saw similar functionality here but unfortunately it is in ObjectiveC , it`s mostly what i need so that i can condense fields and once you press on the Text Field to show those.

By the way, How you handle Mouse Click functionality or Got Focus on Text Fields under IOS ? it does not seems to have that .