Drive Genius/ Pulse on Mac

After upgrading to Catalina, I have a new icon on my toolbar for Drive Genius and DrivePulse
I havent bought these, there are no files in Applications matching the name, nor anything in downloads that looks like an installer.

No idea what it is, and a search on the internet turns up many pages of ‘this is useless to me’ and ‘im not paying for this’

Is it now somehow PART of Catalina?
Anyone else have it?
Should I be worried?

They’re third-party apps, certainly not part of Catalina. You may have installed a demo at some point in history.

A quick Google search suggests that the solution is to either select Uninstall from the menu bar or reinstall the demo as it comes with an uninstaller.

(Stuff like this is why I insist on a clean install when moving between major OS updates.)

Installing the demo (not notarised, not Catalina compatible) was enough to get it to stop running. While it was stopped I changed the permissions to deny it access to files and folders, and deleted the install directory.
Gotcha, yer little devil.

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