Drawpolygon and penWidth/Height

Related to another observation https://forum.xojo.com/25265-temporary-disabling-gdiplus where I would like to temporary disable GDIPlus, I found something strange if GDIPlus is disabled with the DrawPolygon method and a penWidth/Height bigger than 1:

  mBuffer = new Picture(me.Width, me.Height, 32)
  dim points() as Integer = Array(0,50,50,200,50,200,200,50,200, 50,50)
  mBuffer.Graphics.ForeColor = &c000000
  mBuffer.Graphics.PenWidth = 10
  mBuffer.Graphics.PenHeight = 10
  mBuffer.Graphics.FillPolygon Points
  mBuffer.Graphics.ForeColor = &cFF0000
  mBuffer.Graphics.DrawPolygon Points

So disabling GDIPlus is not an option as it does not work correctly in that case.

There seems to be a feedback case ‘21685 - Edges in DrawPolygon are not painted precisely in Windows’ that says at one point this had been fixed, but now somehow is back in Xojo2015r2.4 (or before)