drawPicture not support Hi-DPI

I have an app the contains an ImageSet (@1x and @2x versions)
The supports HIDPI toggle is set yet the call to DrawPicture myIcon… always draws the @1x version
as a test I put two different images in @1x and @2x so I could make sure… and yup it always chooses the @1x

the @1x versions are 72dpi
the @2x versions are 144dpi

XojoR1.1 macOS (I don’t have a HiDPI windows montior)

If you don’t have a HiDPI monitor how do you expect Xojo to show the HiDPI image? You need at least something to simulate the HiDPI: use an iPad in HiDPI mode or reduce the resolution of your monitor to HiDPI. The latter one makes Xojo rather a pain to use but it’s possible.

If you are on a non Retina screen, it makes sense.

I don’t have a HDPI WINDOWS montior… I do have a MAc one…

The issue was I screwed up the Gscale while drawing lines before I got to the icons

ALL images in a set should be 72 DPI
The 1x at whatever size
The 2x should be twice as large in both width and height as the 1x
The 3x three should be three times as large in both width and height as the 1x