It’s possible to draw a label with drawinto into a graphics object ?

Did you try? :stuck_out_tongue: the answer is yes.

yes i tryed but nothing happens
this is my code

dim p as picture dim l as new label l.text = "long text" l.TextColor = &cd0d0d000 l.MultiLine = true p = newpicture(settings.Width-20,40,32) l.DrawInto(p.Graphics,0,0) g.DrawPicture(p,x+10,y+(20*count))

You label does not exist, unless you already have an l label in a controlset. You cannot instantiate labels by simply newing them otherwise.

See http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/New " examples to create a new button.

Drag a label to the window, and it will work.

Why not just use DrawString?
It has an option WrapWidth parameter, which is basically ‘pretend the text is inside a multirow label of this width’

g.forecolor = &cd0d0d000 g.TextSize=16 g.DrawString("Long Text", 10,130, 123) // 123 is an arbitrary wrapping width here

This simplistic code doesnt paint the text with a solid white background, however.