Drawinto Quality Poor

How rude!

Thanks to Richard “high tech” Summers I have a new report UI that doesn’t require Drawinto. :slight_smile: It looks pretty nice I do say.


This is the base of my report I wrote into a single method to auto-create the section format. I am going to add a few more since I will have 2-3 pages.

Mind sharing the solution for future audiences?

Yes. Let us imagine you right now have a 576 x 576 control. At 72 dpi it will cover a Letter-Size paper width. But 72 dpi is akin to the dot matrix printer Richard joked about.

If instead you use a 2400 x 2400 control, adjust the font sizes, and in your print routine drawinto it at 300 dpi to g, you effectively print at 300 dpi.

You can with a listbox for instance place it onto a Container Control with all sides locked, and place one instance on your user window, and another on the print window, which you can display out of the screen area during print (some like - 3000 top). Make the print window 2400 x 2400 and the listbox will follow. Of course resizing fonts and rowheights will be required.

This remains simpler than to position all printing as DrawString and DrawLine and stuff on the g object.

Absolutely! Let me finish it 200% and I’ll start a new thread. Thanks!

200% would mean that you had finished it TWICE :slight_smile:

Haha iphone typing, but that’s how I roll anyhow :slight_smile: