Drawinto documentation

There have been so many posts about being able to save the graphic content of HTMLViewer, but Drawinto simply does not work. Just yesterday, the same problem occurred with OpenGLSurface. I know it is not that easy to solve for Xojo since in both cases they are external components, and it can actually be considered a bug of these components and not of Xojo itself. But since the LR mentions it in both cases as an available method, it is misleading.

That is why I propose in a bug report to amend the documentation to save time to Xojo users, next time one needs to grab the graphic content of these controls. Especially since workarounds are available, amply described throughout this forum.

Some other controls may be concerned as well ; I simply did not encounter them yet…

35027 - Drawinto does not work for HTMLViewer and OpenGLSurface : just say it …

OS: Windows 8 as well as Mac OS X

Xojo: 2014R2.1

Steps: Drawinto simply does not work for HTMLViewer and OpenGLSurface. No error, but it does nothing. Tested on Windows 8 as well as Mac OS X.

Since the method does not work, would it not be preferable to indicate it in the LR at http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/RectControl.DrawInto

A simple phrase like “Note that this method does not work with HTMLViewer and OpenGLSurface” would save a lot of aggravation to Xojo users, who can look for workarounds right away : screencapture for Mac OS X or BitBlt for Windows for instance.

draw into is not supported for a lot of controls.
Simply don’t use it.

I added your note.

Excellent. Thank you :slight_smile: