Draw a path between location markers on mapviewer

Hi all! I have the need to draw a path between the location markers I have added to a mapviewer. I do this in a PHP page by using Javascript but I’m having a hard time getting access to the javascript map object from Xojo. I have used the following instruction to call the setZoom function that is not offered with the mapviewer control in Xojo but is defined in javascript for that control in the Xojoframework.js.
ExecuteJavascript("Xojo.controls['" + MapLocation.controlID + "'].setZoom("+txtzoom.text+")")

Question is: How can I draw the path between the markers I already have on the map or how can I access de map object that belongs to the Xojo map control so I can call the javascript functions of the google map object directly?

Thanks a lot in advance,