DragPicture too large

In a canvas, in mousedrag event, I create a dragitem:

dim dragLabel As DragItem dragLabel = New DragItem(targetimagewell, x,y,my20pximage.width,my20pximage.height,my20pximage) dragLabel.Drag

The image I assign is 20 x 20 pixels in size.
While dragging it about, it displays around 400 or more pixels in size… huge and blurry
What would cause that?

The image resolution is neither 72 dpi nor 96 dpi, but more than 20 times that.

(Original size in dots * Resolution in dpi = 400 dots).

That said, I passed a 1024 x 1024 image (@ 72 dpi) and it was spendid. I was not happy: too large/tall, so I reduced it to 256 x 256, then I was happy !