DragOverRow event not firing for Listbox

I want to handle row reordering myself. I have made a simple example with AllowRowDragging enabled and AllowRowReordering disabled. DragRow and DragOverRow fire fine.

After making the changes to my main project DragRow fires but DragOverRow does not. Unfortunately, the main project is complex. There are 3 levels of classes for the hierarchical listbox alone.

Is there anything simple I’l overlooking? Xojo 2022r3 on Sonoma.

Screenshot example:

Screenshot main project:

For simple Text Drag:

In the opening Event:


In the DragRow Event:

drag.Text = Me.CellTextAt(row,0)
return true

Then all events fires.

So, i think you must manipulate the DragItem in DragRow

Thanks, I was indeed missing the AcceptTextDrop.