Dragging and dropping a folder of code doesn't work

As I’ve mentioned in other threads, I’ve started “containerizing” parts of my codebase that are reused in multiple projects. To make this work, I use a folder structure to store the code bits that are self-contained to each object.

If I have the container test jig project open, I can copy and paste the folder(s) into the new project. However, if I try to drag and drop the folder from Explorer int the new project, the mouse pointer goes to the Windows equivalent of the Mac’s spinning beachball of death.

Is drag and drop supposed to work with the IDE in this manner under Windows? BTW - in 16r3, doing this crashes the IDE.

Hmmm, this also fails if I drag and drop, or copy and paste from two projects open in the same IDE instance to the point that the IDE starts acting wonky.

Is it impossible to copy entire folders from one project to another?

How big are the folders?
I don’t use Windows, but I don’t start having issues until I copy/paste things the size of macoslib or Shorts.

Yes, that is supposed to work. I just tested it in 16r2.1. Will try to test the latest later on.

Definitely not working in 16r3 or 16r4.1 under Windows 10.

As you have identified, both work fine under OS X.

Whoa - 3 Tim’s as the only contributors in a single thread. :slight_smile:

@Tim Parnell - the first is pretty small - 23K total.

What about items/dir count?
I can get the IDE to start slowing way down by just selecting the folders and starting a drag. My uninformed guess is an intense loop somewhere.

1 Container, 21 controls (including 2 threads and a timer), 4 methods of less than 100 lines each, 9 PNG files. But, in counting this I just noticed thatI do have a folder within a folder (the Task class folder).

At first I read that as 3 Tim’s and the first is pretty small :slight_smile: then I got to the end of the line about the 23K. LOL

Okay that’s quite a bit less than the stuff I see troubles with. Even with folders inside folders I’m pretty sure the issue I see is related to item count and not just an in-general dragging issue.

Have you made a report yet?