Drag Picture Example

I want to drag an image into, say, Safari (or Firefox, but I do not checked it, yet) and was… I do not know from where to start. A simple search in the documentation leads me to:

Dim d As DragItem d = New DragItem(Self, X, Y, Me.Width, Me.Height) d.Picture = Me.Backdrop d.Drag //Allow the drag

In source Vanvas MouseDown.

It works nice as another Canvas in the same window (and I do not need that), but not into Safari.

Then I recall the examples, and one: DragPictureExample.

Very nice, but it does not do the trick. The Studebaker is nice, but is not displayed on the Safari window.

Idea on how I can achieve that ?

Edit: I especially love this line

d.DragPicture = Me.Backdrop // Display the image to be dropped…

I think you must use a temporary folderitem, the browser expects a URL

I am able to drop an image file (png) into the web browser (but that may not contradict your statement) on Firefox.

On Safari, I have to rop the image into the URL field: you really are right Axel.

Another trick to test :frowning:

Well, there is a difference between dragging a Picture itself (in memory), a file path to a picture on disk or an URL to a picture.
Which do you want?

simply drop an image onto the brower tab (Safari / Firefox…).

I probably have to fill DragItem.FolderItem.

The answer was:

d.FolderItem  = TmpFI

Where TmpFI is a Reference to the drag image saved in the SpecialFolder.Temporary.

Thank you Axel.

And to get the image appears below the Mouse cursor (instead of far left):

d = New DragItem(Self, Me.Left, Me.Top, Me.Width, Me.Height)

Me refers to the owning Canvas from where you do the Drag.

This is the first time in 20 years that I am able to achieve that: drop an image from a Xojo Canvas into the Finder. I have to check what happens when running in Windows…

Runs fine on WIndows XP !!!

While I am at it, here is the whole MoiuseDown Event:

[code]Function MouseDown(X As Integer, Y As Integer) As Boolean
// Drag outside this application (to a web browser ?)
Dim ExportDI As DragItem
Dim TmpFI As FolderItem
Dim SQLDate As New Date
Dim SuffixName As String

// To make the file name unique
SuffixName = ReplaceAll(SQLDate.SQLDateTime,":","-")

// Save the image into Temporary
TmpFI = SpecialFolder.Temporary.Child("Windows 10 Icon - " + SuffixName + “.png”)

// Save the image in the Temporary Folder (Directory)

// Do the Drag
ExportDI = New DragItem(Self, Me.Left, Me.Top, Me.Width, Me.Height)
ExportDI.Picture = Me.Backdrop
ExportDI.DragPicture = Me.Backdrop
ExportDI.FolderItem = TmpFI
ExportDI.Drag // Allow the drag
End Function[/code]

Edit: added SQLDateTime to set the file name unique.