Drag picture example not working?

All . . . I’m trying to use the drag picture example in the 2016R1.1 package using Windows 10. It is not working.

When I drag my png file (from a folder) into the canvas I get the red circle with the line through it.

Someone mention something about turning on GDI+ once, but I have no idea how and can’t find it on google.

Any ideas?

UseGDIPlus is a property on the App object… just set to true.

That said , GDIPlus cannot be teh issue … f you needed it on and it was not you would get a PlatformNotSupported exception.

I don’t have Windows 10 so I can’t try and reproduce what you are seeing.

  • karen

You’re right Karen . . . I added useGDIplus = true to the app.open event. Didn’t do anything.


This is interesting . . . Set the background for my canvas (in my own desktop project) to a png. It’s not showing up at all.

Got it . . . I had put the canvas in a rectangle so I could see the borders and made the rectangle invisible. It took down my canvas too.

The drop file into the canvas is working now too.

Thanks for everyone’s time.