drag-out to delete item from Listbox

I am looking to find a way to delete an item in the list box by dragging it outside the listbox. Would appreciate any suggestion. Thanks

Detecting the Drag from the Window ?

I suggest select one or more Row(s and cmd-Del / Ctrl+Del: that works fine.

I added a canvas then moved the list boxes onto it. Then I programmed it so that when the item is dragged out of the listbox and dropped on the empty area of the canvas, it is deleted the dropped item.

If your users are releasing the item somewhere else than on the canvas (e.g. to the desktop, the menu bar, etc.) and your canvas doesn’t even notice the drag (e.g. the listbox is near a window’s edge or the user is quick), this wouldn’t work.

The “proper” way to make this working would be to have callbacks from the Drag&Drop manager. You may fill a feature request, as this would be really useful.