Drag between listboxes and row/celltag

I started playing with: Desktop/DragAndDrop/ListBoxesDragAndDrop
changed that to allow multiple columns with

Me.cell(Me.LastIndex,-1) = OrigListBox.cell(mDragRow,-1)

that way I don’t need to copy each cell.

I did some tests and RowTag and CellTag are not copied, so I tried to find an easy way to do it (like -1 for column) but was not able to do it.

Some my question is: to copy CellTag from a dragged row from listbox1 to listbox2, the only way to do it is copy each value?

A little loop will do the trick.

[code]for i as Integer = 0 to (OrigListBox.ColumnCount - 1)
lbDestination.CellTag(mDragRow, i) = OrigListBox.CellTag(mDragRow, i)


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Thank you Tim, that’s what I have. Just wanted to make sure I was not missing some trick.

For i As Integer = 0 To Me.ColumnCount - 1 Me.CellTag(Me.LastIndex,i) = OrigListBox.CellTag(mDragRow,i) Next

BTW, I think I would start using ( ) when I have “To (Me.ColumnCount - 1)”. It may be the same, but it is more clear when I read it. Thanks.

That’s why I do it!