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Trying to create a window that has Drag And Drop capabilities (Drag a file from Explorer/Finder on top of a window). It works great on Mac, but doesn’t work on Win7 x64. I even compiled the example application for Windows and that doesn’t work either. Anyone know a work-around to get this to work?

Another quick question: Can you disable the “Must use the return value for this method” error? Obviously there are times when you don’t care about what a method returns and don’t want to have to create a variable to hold the data that isn’t needed.



BTW any relation to RAH?

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[quote=92415:@Karen Atkocius]see:
BTW any relation to RAH?

  • Karen[/quote]

When people ask me that, I usually respond “Oh, you mean Uncle Bob?” and they get all excited… then I have to say “Just kidding” and they seem pretty disappointed. Now I just say “No” :slight_smile:

You may have forgotten to add the proper FileTypes to the project.

Here is an example that lets you drop a file over the window, and pops up a message with the name of the file.


Thank you!


since you do not say in Mac if you compile for Carbon or for Cocoa… Cocoa:

Beware, Cocoa does dot filter the dropped item depending on the file type(s) you passed. You have to do that by yourself.
Windows does not share that behavior (and I do not know about Linux).

Nothing (that I saw) in the docs about that.