Drag and Drop with VirtualBox

This is ON Topic (testing windows Builds), but…

I started to have problems with my shared foolder under VirtualBox some days ago.

So, no problemo, I send my application into a web based sharing place and download it from there on Windows (in the same machine, go figure: go to the USA instead of moving from one folder to another…)

But since exe on Windows are around 25MB, this takes forever (from here) and started to bother me seriously.

Then, I recall a function in VirtualBox: Drag and Drop.

Nice ! as a test, I moved (in the wrong way) an image from Windows 10 Pro to a macOS (El Capitan) folder: it works ! (a 25MB file png !).

So I tried to copy with drag and drop my zipped application. That freezed the Windows desktop.

All I want now is to throw the whole out thru the window…

How thins are working for you with VirtualBox (thatis with the last version) ?

I usually enable bidirectional drag-and-drop. Try it.

Settings > General > Advanced. Click the Drag and Drop menu, and make your selection between Disabled, Host to Guest, Guest To Host, and Bidirectional.

Thank you Rick for your answer.

I’ve done it and this is why it worked (once).

I even checked it is still set (as well as Clipboard).

I even checked that I used the last VirtualBox and I am also up to date with WIndows 10.

Talking about Clipboard: it works only if you copy something after Windows runs successfully (the cliboard is empty when VirtualBox is fired)…

Maybe you need this: https://www.smarthomebeginner.com/update-virtualbox-guest-additions-on-windows/

Tank you Rick.