Drag and Drop on the Application-Dock Icon

I have three defined file types that share the same kind of code in my project.

As an example, when I drop a document from the three of the three defined file types on a window, the file is accepted and its contents loaded.

At this stage, I can consider that the mechanism works fine.

Unfortunately, when I drop three files of these defined file types above the Application-Dock icons, only two on the three are accepted (the Application or the Dock Icons respond).

In App.OpenDocument, I have

If item <> Nil Then MsgBox "A file drop occured" + EndOfLine + EndOfLine +_ "Name of the dropped file: " + Item.Name

I got the message when I drop two of the three file types.

All three definitions have the UTI field… filed (and MacType [code]/ MacCreator[/code] empty).

The only real difference between these file types is… I added code to the last one only today in the App.OpenDocument event.

Nota: in This Computer, I set the ID.File Types for the three file types to Editor, the three CheckBoxes are Checked.

I am totally out of ideas and so I ask you.

BTW: I’ve made my own homework and searched in all pdf and [LOCAL] documentation available, but failed to find anything.

A second question can be:
“where in the documentation world can I find the description on how to installl a “drop an item on the application or/and dock icons ?”

Have you restarted the computer?

And run the compiled app, not just from the IDE.

Seems ok to me. I often forget to click the File Types button and set them to Editor.
If you open the App from the Folder, does a new icon become active in the Dock? Or the existing icon?
If a new icon becomes active, you’re dropping files on an old version of the shortcut/alias.

Thank you for the answers.

Markus: Yes for both. txt and csv are loaded correctly when dropped in the Icon, sqlite is ignored.

Marco: No, I (try to) drop on the newly created version. I try to avoid having multiplecopies of the same application. *

Of course, I also cleared the Caches between the reboot time.

I wait nothing for this test, but… I will try DnD with 2016r1 (running in the IDE) this afternoon.

*Even if sometimes it is good to have a backing copy !

I just created a new project to make a demonstration of the bug and… no bug !

In the file types, I just do not added Icons to each defined files… the only difference with the one with the “original” 30MB project.
Cache was cleared yesterday evening.

The only code in the demo project is:

If Item <> Nil And Item.Exists Then MsgBox "Testing Drag and Drop onto Application - Dock Icon" + EndOfLine + EndOfLine +_ "The name of the dropped item is: " + Item.Name End If

I set the Editor bits in This Computer

I added a File Type Set using the Insert MenuItem; I called it FT_IO.

I added all three file types (TEXT, CSV, SQLite in Object Name) at once (before saving the file / before running the project) using the default text/plain entry (second Icon) for all three icons.

There is nothing in the deprecated MacType / MacCreator (I cleared what was there by default.
I modified the default UTI to:

public.text public.comma-separated-values-text public.database.sqlite

Used: Xojo 2015r1.
OS X 10.10.4

Other open applications:
Firefox, Xojo 2015r1, a 2009rx compiled application.
Prior to that I had Safari, TextEdit, etc. applications open.

Did I told you that Internet is active ?

Where is my hat ? Or will I pull my hair from my head ?

PS: a wide search on the internet shows me that I was not alone with this trouble.