Downloading pd files

My program creates a pdf file (using DBReports)… but I am having issues downloading them using my web app. The pdf file is created, but it is never shown in the web page… I have tried to update the browser… sometimes that works, but most of the time I have to reload the page. I also have been unable to get multiple pdf files to download consecutively. The program produces several tax forms that are generated into pdf files that need to be downloaded.

The code I have is:

RepFilename=(“LOCAL” )
strSql=(“select * from t941”)
rstReportDef=session.vaccounting.SqlSelect(“Select definition from LOCALS where ReportName = '” + RepFilename + “'”)
rpt.RecordSet =rs1

fPDF= SpecialFolder.Temporary.Child( RepFileName + “.pdf”)

rpt.RenderToPDF fPDF
fPDF.Permissions= &o766
RepFilename=RepFileName + “.pdf”
FileDownload= WebFile.Open(fPDF)
FileDownload.Filename=( RepFilename)
FileDownload.MIMEType= “application/pdf”
FileDownload.ForceDownload= True
HTMLViewer1.LoadURL( FileDownload.URL)