Download failed (very slow internet)

Hello all,

On this moment I am in Botswana where we have only very slow internet.

I tried several times to download Xojo 2017 r3.0 but it always fail after about 144 MB from the 688.

I tried it in Explorer, FireFox and Chrome but with the same failures. I am using Windows 7. I already resetted the modem, also the laptop is restarted and nothing else is done on the computer. When starting the download time is estimated at 7 hours.

Can you tell me what is wrong or what I can do to download the setup file?

Thank you very much for your help which is very much appreciated.

On this moment I am using r2.1 but I like to use R3.0 because the typing speed in the r2.1 IDE is too slow and hope it improved in the new version. If I cannot download then I will continue using r2.1 until I am back in Belgium.

Have a nice day.


Grab a download manager, so you can resume the download… Here’s one from Microsoft

Xojo downloads server have a time out mechanism. I have doubts about a working resume (from where it stopped). Usually, I had to restart the whole download.

As usual, things may have changed since my last trouble in Xojo downloading.

[quote=363654:@Emile Schwarz]
Xojo downloads server have a time out mechanism.[/quote]

And it seems to be a very short timeout period this version. Not suitable for third-world downloading.

A web page refresh may help (check).

Note: We removed some 3rd party external links that were posted here. Copying a Release binary of Xojo to another server is not permitted, and we do not allow links to them on our forum.

Fair enough, but I suggest increasing the timeout.

Technically I didn’t upload the binary to a server, only the torrent file pointing to it.
But noted, won’t do it again. Didn’t mean to break the rules in any way, only help.

Respecting the rules is fine, but I paid a licence for Xojo an now I am no longer allowed to download Xojo despite my licence is valid.

Xojo can be correct but what is Xojo going to do so I can use version 3.0? This is a good example where valid customers get hurt by valid rules. Where are my rights please?

Chris maybe you can contact Xojo directly at (Customer Service or )

For my problems they are always happy to help.