Download Binary Files as Encoded Strings

Hi Guys,

Still trying to find out on how to download Binary Files as Encoded Strings instead of physical file.

I saw sample in CHILKAT here >>

But maybe, there a native solution from XOJO?

I hope somebody made this things already.

I’m not sure what the problem is that you’re trying to solve. Is the difficulty in transferring the file or converting it to Base64?

Does the plug-in you referenced do what you want? If so, that’s the “native solution” you seek, no? Otherwise, I think we need more detail about what you’re trying to accomplish.

Hi Kem,

My problem I want to solve is:
How to download an image file from a url location, and instead of saving it, I like to get the converted string base64) of it.

If you do a download of your image with a basic http socket like

Dim socket1 As New HTTPSocket Dim data As String = socket1.Get("url to your image here", 30)

then you have the possibility to convert the “data” variable to base64.

Thanks Beatrix for the actual code.

I tried it and it works!