Downgrade 2019.R2 to 2019.R1.1


I would like to know how do i downgrade a project from 2019.R2 to 2019.R1.1

I’m not using events and new functions from 2019.R2, it’s all the same when was in 2019.R1.1 except the compilation.

When i try open the project in 2019.R1.1 Xojo says that is not possible open a project from a newer version.

I have to do this for now cause i’m using graffitiweb controls that don’t work well in R2 yet. specially in Memory Disposal.



depends on what kind of license you have

can you save as a text (Xojo Project) or as XML ?

Hi Mauricio -

The answer to your question is “it depends” - ultimately, the process is to get your project into a text format, then manually alter the flag for the version number that created it. Be aware that you may lose some project settings / properties if you do this, though. Make sure you try it with backups / use version control heavily.

Norman, yes, i can save as XML.

Kimball, i will try saving my project as xml and change the version.

Thanks for your attention.


try the instructions on my blog