Doubleclick on controls brings up wrong control dialog.

I’ve seen this happen several times now, at first I thought it was a fluke as it goes away after you close the IDE and reopen the project.

You have a form with a bunch of controls on it, doubleclick to add an event handler, and up comes the dialog for a different control.

For example just now I have a form with several controls on, I just added a button “btnAdd” I doubleclick on the button and up comes the dialog for picking the event handlers, but the dialog says "Add event handler to “txtFind”, once that happens it sticks and doubleclicking keeps bringing up “txtFind”, there’s no overlap of controls, so I’m not accidentally hitting something else.

cntrl+shift+e works fine and brings up the right control dialog.

There’s other anomalies once this happens, for example normally if you have a control with an event already added the editor opens for the already existing event, but now doubleclicking a control with an event defined brings up the add event handler dialog.

Restarting the IDE fixes it.