Double assign

Hello all,
I have a problem with double.
tn this case i want to assign webmap viewer location to another variable but values are different.
How can i solve this problem?

Why me.Latitude.ToText instead of just Str( Latitude )?

i’ve test another way even i assigned to double but result is different

Sorry, I’m new and I’m learning, is me.latitude equal to just latitude?

Again, why do you use me?

It works ok here (Mac) if I do as I said.

I suspect your me.Latitude and your Latitude have different values.

Dont use me. you are reading the positions directly from the control rather than reading from the values that have been passed in.


me.Latitude is the value of the property Latitude of the parent control.

Latitude is the parameter passed into the method.

Not the same thing, and their values might be the same or might be different.

If you have

  • a control with a property Longitude, and set Longitude to 5 ← control property
  • the control also has a method calculate( Longitude as double ) ← parameter
  • now call the method with calculate(46)

then in the calculate method me.Longitude is 5, and Longitude is 46

clic on “self” “MonitoringSites…”
you will get the content of “Me”
and the real values of me.latitude and me.longitudes which are different from the passed arguments latitude and longitude.

Thank you Markus, I was thinking that was the case, that me.latitude and latitude may be different.

Thanks for your help,
actually i’ve written this code in and i want to get selected point on map but when i compare them values of variable and mapviewer are different, i think that i should use a method to assign double value