Dotted Line Removal

Hi Everyone,
I’m creating my first windows software and have come across an irritating problem.

I have added a popup menu to my window and added 5 items to it. When I click on the popup menu and select one of the 5 items, the popup menu closes back up with the name of the selected item correctly displayed, BUT, has an ugly dotted line around the selected item’s text.

Is it possible to remove the selection / dotted line which surrounds the text? I have already tried setting AutoDeactivate to ON in the control’s inspector tab - to no avail :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

What make a arrow down or up makes ? Change the PopupMenu selection ?

If so, clears the focus from the PopupMenu.

The up and down arrows cause my popup menu to cycle through the items, as expected, but the dotted line focus still surrounds the text.

All I want to do is remove the dotted focus lines from around the text.


Self.SetFocus() seems to have done the trick :slight_smile:

That was the advice I gave in my second sentence.

Edit: Why ?

Because on Windows, Controls can have the Focus and let the user to use the arrow keys to change the selection (not in standard in Mac OS).

That dotted line is the user feedback for this feature (in all Controls or so).

Thanks Emile :slight_smile:

That is a Mac feature