Doodle poll: Which IDE are you using?

REALstudio or Xojo?


And no, this is not intended as a discussion about each one’s merits, but I’m curious …

Not sure if it’s possible, but being able to add how long you are a RealStudio/Xojo user could be nice extra info. It could show a trend for long time users and users that only recently bought Xojo, ergo don’t even have the RealStudio IDE.

I might make another poll :wink:

We all love polls :slight_smile:

Lets have a poll to see how many of us like polls … :slight_smile:

…or how many polls we like to kave

As long as we don’t do “Pet Peeves” again.

Where’s the Dislike button!?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

jean-yves seems slightly confused, but otherwise it seems to hold steady at 25% on vs 75% on Xojo.