Don't want to show the tab on a view

Hi. I want to include a tab view on most of the views except a few. Is it possible to uninclude this on a view? The one view where I do not want this on is quite full with other controls, and the ones at the bottom are hidden.

Shouldn’t it scroll if the controls go below the tab bar?
I don’t use Xojo for iOS so I’m not sure how it behaves, but I do use iOS apps and that’s what I’d expect as a user.

Thanks Tim. If I read correctly from other posts, it may not be possible to scroll in a view in this initial release

Use hideTabBar in XojoiOSWrapper GitHub - Mitchboo/XojoiOSWrapper: Module that brings legacy and additional functions to Xojo iOS to hide the tab bar.

That did the trick! Thanks Michel! Such a great resource you have there!