Dont understand this error (more than One method)

I have the following Method and I get the message when I try to run

There is more than one method with this name but this does not match any of the available signatures.
Conn11.SendSync(“PUT”, url, 3)

Any ideas whats wrong.

putData(url As String, data As String)
Var Conn11 As New ApexaURL
Var content As String

Conn11.RequestHeader(“Authorization”) = "Bearer " + App.dict.Value(“bearer”)
Conn11.DataContent = data
Conn11.DataType = “NA”
Conn11.SendSync(“PUT”, url, 3)
End Sub

PUT is surrounded by the wrong sort of quote mark. Yours are curly instead of straight.

That’s because OP didn’t use the code tags, the forum change them.

Edit: example without using the code tags

Var t As pair = “Debug” : “True”

using the code tags (single backtick)

Var t As pair = "Debug" : "True"

using triple backtick (one row before/after)

Var t As pair = "Debug" : "True"

SendSync is a function. It returns a string. You need to either store the result or add “Call” in front of the function call. Unless you’re using the FolderItem variant of the parameters, that is.

var x as String = Con11.SendSync("PUT", url, 3)
Call Con11.SendSync("PUT", url, 3)


OK. So, @Michael_Omiccioli , if you’re posting code please do this:

  1. Add the code to your post

  2. Select it all with the mouse

  3. Click the </> button.

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Thank you as I was reading your suggesting it dawned on me, I needed to capture the return string. Silly error on my part I looked right at it and didn’t see it.

Thank you problem solved.

Can you please mark it as such? :slight_smile: