Don't do this within the navigator

Avoid a crash of the IDE. FB 45632

You evil tease, you. I don’t have access to Feedback here. What did you do?

BTW: Don’t do this within the forum… :wink:

It sounds related to the new feature where if you right click on a section you can only add an item from that section (ie, when you click Event Handlers you can only add an Event Handler)

This is not new to me. But I believed it was corrected.

I see. You can destroy the ide-session by just clicking ESC.
But fact is that you must hope you saved your work just before the crash.

I like how I got quoted twice for your feedback case :stuck_out_tongue:
(those are your words, not mine)

Do you mind to upload the image to this forum? Or how can we see uploaded image in the Feedback app?

Open Feedback and type in the number 45632 in the search field to pull up the case. Click the attachment file name to view it.

Sorry, didn’t work. Mouse become IBeam Cursor when hovering the attachment. When clicked, it just select all the attachment text.

Don’t know if my case is related to this <>