Domain Name Registratioins

I have been using GoDaddy for my domain name registrations. I have not rethought that decision for at least 5 years. I really an not thrilled with them.

Who do you guys use? I only need registration and DNS control. I don’t need add-on services like “private listing” or email hosting.

I use Hover.

If you’re only looking for domain registration, I don’t think it much matters. Pick the cheapest and go with them. It’s when you are looking for hosting that the provider means quite a bit.
Can you enumerate why you’re unhappy with Go Daddy?

I use NameCheap - haven’t had any major issues. It’s not “user friendly”, but it works.

I can highly recommend Hover. I switched a couple of years ago. Really simple and clean, user-friendly, no upsell tactics, support is impeccable. All my domains are with Hover now.

I also use namecheap. I like that they have a dynamic dns function included with their service.

I use Dreamhost and Hover. Once Hover was bought by Tucows, my QoS went down with them so I am migrating everything away from them. I am down to one domain still with them. Now i also do some hosting with Dreamhost so it makes my life easier that they are the Registrar, DNS and hosting all in one.