Does system.debuglog work with WE?

I have embedded several system.debuglog statements in my web app, but they are not showing up in debug mode in the message panel. Is this supposed to work?

Yes they should.
I feel like they also appear in the JavaScript output console, but I cannot confirm that at this time.

I just confirmed with new web project on 2015r2.4 that it doesn’t work. Placed system.debuglog “open” in the event, and system.debuglog “shown” in the webpage1.shown event. Neither one of them show in the message panel.

I haven’t looked for a while, but last time I tried the messages weren’t shown in the built in debug log, but they do in external tools.

Remind me of the names of some of the external tools for Windows - I used to have one, but don’t anymore.

Another thing you can do is output to stdout, but then you need to debug by selecting run-paused and launch the debug article manually. This can provide a good amount of information though.

That’s the one! Thank you!!

There’s also Print in WE.

Print "Hello, World.

Think it prints to stdout.

@Albiin Kiland

The “print” seems to be the most simple solution in WE, because you don’t need debugview. (Since a while you don’t need debugview if using a Windows system for “normal” System.DebugLog.)

We should not have to resort to DebugView to see the messages.

This non-working feature has been around at least since <>, meaning the birth year of Xojo.

How difficult is it to send debug messages to both the system, and to Print ?

At least, System.Debuglog would work as described.