Does our forum was design using XOJO?

Hi Masters,

I would like to know if is our forum was design using XOJO? If YES, what web control are they using on this web interface:

  1. Show list of questions, then at the bottom has VIEW MORE button, at the right side is the MONTH with scrollbar.
  2. When clicked the concern, I noticed that the each answer is propagated everytime the screen scrolls.

Im home to somebody who can provide me some information on how to do this.

Thanks in advance.

No, the forum is esoTalk. There’s a link on the bottom-right of each page:

But you could definitely do some of the things you’ve mentioned with a Xojo web app.

The forum software is not made with Xojo, it is Powered by esoTalk (link in the bottom right corner)

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Thanks Masters for quick response. I hope somebody had made the same web control under XOJO.

Just figuring out on how.


You could obtain something close by styling an array of WebLabels so they react alike by becoming grey on hover present links. But there is no built control for that.

If you wish to create your own forum, HTML5 / JavaScript / PHP is the way to go. It is a litle more work but you have more control than using any third party solution.

Remember, using HTML5 / JavaScript / PHP you are always several steps ahead than those using third party solutions. If there is a mistake, it is your doing while when there is a bug in a third party solution, you have to wait until it is fixed.

Again thank you so much

I think different. (This slogan should I offer Apple)
why reinvent the wheel?

I understanded that Ronaldo Florendo wanted to create a forum by his own. I made my suggestion because I am used to those languages.

Nevertheless EsoTalk is indeed a very good solution. But I am surprised that this forum is not created with Xojo WEB itself. The Xojo IDE is created in Xojo itself which is certainly more complex than a forum.

Axel Schneider, you are correct about whar you said about Reinventing the wheel. If one found a ready made solution which forfill their needs, then it is better than do everything yourself. Reinventing the wheel is just a waste of time and efforts.

Xojo Web is IMHO perfectly able to create a forum, but scaling will be more difficult than php.

Sometimes reinventing the wheel is a futile endeavour.