Does folderitem.nativepath refer to a unique file?

For the following code:

dim f as folderitem = get_some_folderitem dim g as new folderitem(f.nativepath,folderitem.PathTypeNative)

Does Xojo guarantee that g will refer to the same folder / file / location as f?

I ask because I seem to remember that this was not always the case with FolderItem.AbsolutePath.

g = f // will point to the same object (file / folder)

Thanks for the reply.

However, I’d specifically like to know:

Does new folderitem(some_native_path, folderitem.PathTypeNative) unambiguously refer to at most one file?

Or are there edge cases (eg. 2 volumes with identical names), where there may exist ambiguity as to which file the resulting folderitem will refer?


With two volumes and same name, one will get a -1 in the path on the name.

Why do not try by yourself ?

Your code will result in two FolderItem objects that both point to the same physical file, folder, or drive.

Note that you can simplify that to dim g as new FolderItem( f ).

As Christian mentioned, if you have 3 volumes with the same displayed name, you will find that they are actually mounted as:

/Volumes/My Drive
/Volumes/My Drive 1
/Volumes/My Drive 2

So any NativePath entries will include the numeric increment in the path provided.

Thanks for all the responses. That clarified it.