Does DynaPDF work compile to ARM?

Hello all,

Does anyone know if DynaPDF will compile to ARM target? Been trying to make this work, but it fails/crashes on linking.

Can anyone confirm similar behavior?


take a look at gPDF… it should compile to any target (except iOS) that XOJO compiles to

We compile it for ARM.

What error message do you see?

Does the Xojo IDE crash while building?
Did you report that via Feedback?

For me the examples build fine for Linux/ARM here.

Hi guys,

No error - just a crash. 2016R3 and R4.1 Report 46371 submitted for 2016R4.1, others submitted for 2016R3. No indication of anything wrong prior. Not sure if this is DnaPDF - sounds like it is not - or another plugin. I thought I’d ask to see that I can eliminate Dna as the issue,.


I would make sure you’ve got the latest (16.5) plugins from Monkeybread installed. You could always start with the example projects that come with MBS to see if those work in Linux ARM. That will at least tell you a few things.