Does Drag & Drop work at all in Linux builds?

I am currently trying to get my tool Arbed working with Xojo 2017r2.1.

With older Xojo and Real Studio versions, I was able to let the user drop files from the Linux desktop “explorer” to my app’s windows and controls.

But now, I cannot get anything working any more, no matter what I try. It’s very frustrating and time consuming process of trial-and-error.

Can anyone confirm that Dropping of files works with the latest Xojo version on Linux (32 bit) at all?

(I just retried with Xojo 2014r2.1 - there, D&D just works fine, same as on Win and Mac. There seems to be something broken in recent Xojo versions about it!)

D&D doesn’t work since version 2017r2.

Edit: didn’t test on version 2017r3.

Thomas - what distro and version are you trying?

Hi @Jason Parsley, thanks for asking.
The code was built with 2017r3, for 32 bit, and running on Ubuntu 12.
Does that help or do you need to know more? As I said, building with older Xojo versions does not cause this issue on Ubuntu 12.

Ubuntu 12 is no longer supported by Canonical with general maintenance updates. You might want to try a newer release. Or, as mentioned, you could try using something like Xojo 2017r1 or earlier (which uses GTK2 which was current back at that version of Ubuntu). If you want to try a newer Ubuntu you could use a current LTS of Ubuntu at least (14).

my experience.

drop to Xojo Window - yes
drag outside from a Xojo Window - no