Does Catalina Muck With Files?

Hey all,

Does MacOS Catalina muck with files? I ask because I am running Catalina on a virtual machine so I can make proper builds for iOS. But my project file has been residing on my normal side which is still running High Sierra. I can open the project fine in Xojo running under Catalina. But when I try to open the file in Xojo running under High Sierra, Xojo just totally locks up and never opens the file. I have to force Xojo to quit.


Both IDE have the same version?

Well, initially no. I had 2019R3.2 on the Catalina VM and 2019R3.1 on my actual machine. I have now upgraded to 2019R3.2 so both have the same.

And you still get the same behaviour with an initially “sane” project with the same IDE versions?

Project corruption in Xojo (and earlier) aren’t inexistent either, even without your setup. Could it be it happened only once?

Also, have you tried quitting the IDE in the VM, to be sure all is being released?

Yeah I’ve tried quitting in the VM. Maybe I should shut the VM down completely. The file opens perfectly in the VM. I was just wondering if Catalina added some sort of security or other BS to the file that High Sierra can’t deal with…

I’d think it’s unlikely, but…
If you create a text file next to the Xojo project, does that fail the same way?
(that’s a step I’d try)

I did find a bug in Catalina with file access, when using textstream.append, it was leaking a file ptr each and every time, Until the OS would then block the app from reading/writing files.

I don’t expect the IDE to be using textoutputstream.append, but this bug may be present in other file API.