Does anyone use MantisBT for Issues/Tickets?

MantisBT is a free open source issue / ticket tracker. If you haven’t heard of it or seen it lately, it’s worth checking out:

I use Mantis for ticket tracking and recently wrote some Xojo code that sends RuntimeExceptions straight to my installation (which you are welcome to join). The ticket is pre-filled with system information, the exception stack, and optional comments from the user.

Someone had built a class for this kind of thing in the past, but it connects to a service I’m not particularly fond of and have blocked on a system level.

I was wondering if anyone else here uses MantisBT or would have an interest in this reporting class (code generator app). There may not be a market for this tool, which would be okay not everything I make sees the public. But if there’s a market for Mantis users that does happen to exist, well maybe?

I’m not sure what details to share. There isn’t much to it. You put in your API credentials, select a product / category / version and click Generate to generate the class. The app obfuscates your API key (the same way Plugins Pro does RegisterMBS) to prevent casual abuse, but you should definitely use a special report-only account.


Do you use Mantis?

  • I use Mantis
  • I do not use Mantis
  • I had not previously known of Mantis
  • I do not use a ticket system

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This is very cool, Tim. We probably should have created this for BKS back in the day as it would have simplified some things.


I’d be very interested in this! I used Mantis at a previous company and had forgotten about it, but I’d use it again if I could use your class generator to send Xojo exceptions to it.


I’m in the same boat as @Tim_M

This class could be a good reason to reactivate/update my old Mantis installation….

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