Does anyone use Internet Banking?

I am not far off completing an app I want to try and get into the Mac App Store, more a utility. It is for anyone who uses internet banking and needs to convert between QIF/OFX to QIF/OFX/TXT/HTM/SQLLite.

It will be a Beta release and would like to hear from anyone who is interested in Beta testing for me, even for half an hour just to give me some feedback and make it crash. The app has in app feedback so you can send an anonymous feedback comment or add your email if you wish.

You would just need your own OFX or QIF file to give it a test.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I will PM you a link to the PKG setup file which should be ready for download by Friday 12th July.

It would be much appreciated to receive the feedback.

Mmm, perhaps the lack of response to this post suggests I may have a lack of uptake on the app.

I use internet banking, but have never needed to export my transactions. At least not regularly. That’s not to say the niche market doesn’t exist, or that your lack of response it evidence that it doesn’t exist. You might be surprised. My old ArchDetect program turned out to be much more popular that I ever expected, and I thought that was a simple little toy nobody would ever use.

Thanks Thom. I’m not majorly worried, the app was written as a bit of a side shoot from the app I am actually mid way through. I am developing a home finance app which you import your downloaded bank statements into like Quicken and MS Money. I needed to write the parsers for QIF, OFX and CSV files for my app and developed them in a separate app which has become an app in its own right for simply converting statement files. So I guess if the uptake is bad, it may not matter too much as the app is a by-product of the main app I am writing. If both are a flop then in will matter!

I have been doing internet banking for well over a decade. I haven’t exported my data since the 90s. so I can’t answer your question about formats.

Thanks Scott. Its more for people who use apps like Quicken and MS Money. For instance one of the UK Banks I use only make statements available in QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) and CSV. Well even Quicken don’t use QIF anymore. Most decent banks should use OFX which will open in most accounting and home accounting packages.

So I really wrote it for this reason.

Since Private Messages appear to be broken…

Personally I don’t trust banking via the Internet and the only accounts I have that are accessible via the Internet are credit cards. Since I use a local bank credit card integration isn’t all that great. Since I need details on some transactions I record them in an Android app called Pocket Money. I use Quicken on my PC and while I can get QIF files from the Internet of all my credit card transactions the overlap with the QIF files from Pocket Money causes me problems.


  1. Do you have a Windows version of your app I could try?
  2. Would you be willing to share/sell the parts of your app that read/write QIF/OFX files?


Windows here too. I use xls doenloads. Happy to try it if you’d like.

[quote=21132:@Lewis Gardner]Do you have a Windows version of your app I could try?
Would you be willing to share/sell the parts of your app that read/write QIF/OFX files?[/quote]

I haven’t compiled it for Windows yet. I generally build for Mac only at the moment but may try a windows build and see how it goes.

I may sell the modules but I need to be happy they work well first. Can I get back to you on both your queires.

By XLS do you mean Excel or are they in CSV format? Does your bank offer other formats?

Sorry Mike for delay in replying…they used to offer Excel xls downloads but now they don’t! Now it’s CSV and QIF only. SOrry if I misled yo but I was certain they did an excel download. Still happy to help if you think I can add value