Does anyone recall

Think back to days gone by… (although this is still in use with Linux and OSX I guess)

Terminal commands
MKDIR or MD to create a directory
CHDIR or CD to change directory
DIR, FILES or LS to list files

All these commands were followed by a pathname
My question is when did any of these commands use ONLY the content of the pathname you supplied
and when did they prepend the Current Working Dir?

Obviously if the path started with a drive designator, it took it “as-is” and the Working directory didn’t figure into it

this uses the current directory

this uses the current directory parent

So basically I’m trying to figure out when to prepend “./” or “…/” if the user was not that explicit

I am working on extending the RetroBasic project I did a while back, and realized it wasn’t as straight forward going from what the user TYPED in, to the full path that was needed to actually execute the command and have the result in or from the intended location

And yes, I am going with the “drive letter” syntax (for retro sake more than anything)

unless the path starts with a \ or / (depending on the platform) the commands are based on current working directory (CWD).

so MKDIR bubba (would be in the CWD)
so MKDIR /bubba (would be in the root filesystem)

that has how linux/BSD/nextstep has been forever.

thanks… so it seems then that

MKDIR bubba would be interpeted as ./bubba
MKDIR /bubba would be C:/bubba

Unless you had already done

D: (enter) to change drives.

Don’t forget that DOS used \ not /.

Take DOSBox where you can type / instead of \ and it works well.

Today, you can indeed use either back or forward slash. In the DOS era prior to Windows 98, backslash was mandatory.

[quote=303270:@Jeff Tullin]Unless you had already done

D: (enter) to change drives.[/quote]
my RetroBasic will only be supporting one “drive” for now, so that won’t be an issue yet…

and because I kept confusing things… it will support BOTH :slight_smile:

I think this thread is just an attempt to unearth the oldsters in the forum. :slight_smile:

There are forum members here who are more experienced than others, and there are some that have been in this industry longer than others… but that is no reason or excuse to infer age discrimination

I wasn’t inferring age discrimination, just joking. I’m one of the oldsters myself. :slight_smile:


oh you missed the infamous Windows ME, the last DOS based… well, shall I say OS?

Well, I never even installed it.