Does anyone know of any statistics classes?

Before I do this on my own, I wonder if there are any statistics class out there that for example will take an array of figures and return Z-scores, standard deviation and so forth. I mean, I can write something to do the simple stuff, but I suspect someone may have done something that includes a lot more advanced things that would be very useful and save time.

some maths routines with big numbers here :
but no stats apart from the gamma function.

Been looking for this myself - came across this:

these are easy to port to xojo, and are free to use :

Came across this:
Seems quite comprehensive and written in C, so should be able to be ported to XOJO

Did you have a look at MathScriptor? I could only find a copy via the Wayback machine but it might be a useful starting point. Download the starter pack.

Now if Robert Birge and Bob Delaney could get together … they are probably the most qualified to start a statistics project :wink: