Does anyone have any experience with a raspberry-pi's "alternatives"?

Hey that is neat :slight_smile:

Just ordered one from Amazon here in the UK.

You might also use this instead of a keyboard:

[quote=201100:@Greg O’Lone]You might also use this instead of a keyboard:[/quote]

Exactly what Wayne posted above. Photons are undoubtedly smaller than plastic :wink:

I have now received my laser keyboard and had it up and running on my iPhone6, iPad2, iMac and Macbook Pro in about 5 minutes. It is amazing!

I do not know if I understand the request of the original poster fully. So maybe my reply will not fit.

I am using the Arduino Due for our incubators and robotic projects (it is my hobby in my free time). I compared the Raspberry with the Arduino a few months ago, but the Arduino is better for our needs.

I do not want to spoil the Xojo Raspberry fun, but even when the Arduino should be supported by Xojo IDE, I will remain using the native “C” like Arduino language. For the simple reason that Xojo will only support a very small set of instructions and features. Easy is not always better. A second reason will be that I do not have to wait when extra features become available to the company who produce the IDE.

Within the Xojo community the Raspberry PI support is a real hype just as it was with the WEB, IOS. However, I am afraid that disappointments will come very soon.

With microcontrollers, even the Arduino Due, memory is very small. I wonder how much more in size Xojo will be in comparision with the “C” language native to Arduino (if that would be supported).

What we do ourself, we do best! I have my doubts about the Xojo support for Raspberry PI. Anyway, I will buy a Raspberry PI and experiment with it (Robotics is my hobby as is the Incubator project despite the fact those machine are sold commercially in Botswana), but not by me luckily). Looking with an open mind to the new Xojo project, really like to find out what is possible.

Xojo is an excellent application development tool for mainly administrational projects. That is the field in my opinion Xojo really shines. I do not believe in one solution can do it all. Instead of Raspberry support, Xojo should better concentrate on Android because that becomes a problem for me rapidly, no Android support for Xojo. There is no excuse for Xojo not supporting Android.

Strange how some people pass summary judgement. Xojo Web is a good development platform. Maybe you are using other technologies, but a tad of moderation maybe in order. We had enough language wars. If C or C like works for you, fine. But please don’t spit in the soup.

Hello Michel,

I have no intention to start any language war at all. I am not a fanboy/girl of any language because I use a lot of tools to accomplish the projects I have to complete. Xojo is my favourite and most used tool. I use Xojo in most cases where it fits my needs and that is many believe me. It is quit simple, I only use tools which works for me.

I tried to delete the content of my former reply, because it was not my intention to be offensive or abusive. But it seems not to be possible to delete it any longer.

I apologize to you and to anybody else who feel my remarks and opinions where offensive or abusive.

If anybody of the moderators read this, please remove my former reply. Thank you.